National Nightmare – Double LP Sangre Salvaje (bundle 3)




National Nightmare – Double LP Sangre Salvaje (BOOLP1)

Includes download code with bonus track 13. Imperial Dreams (Jimi Sero).
Jimi Sero on vocals and Legendary Jone Takamäki on Saxophone!

Bundle 3 includes:

  • Double LP Sangre Salvaje with download code
  • NEW NN Sangre Salvaje T-shirt

National Nightmare been has been described more than once as Finnish supergroup trusting the groovy roots influenced by 60’s rhythm and blues groove greatest like Tina Turner, powerful 70’s blues based hard rock of Aerosmith and wrapped in deceptive simplicity of old school AC/DC, Rolling Stones and ZZ Top. The band rocks with a vengeance. Established and skilled musicians and showmen forged in the fires of thousand concert stages have set the bar very, very high and know the value of great rock entertainment.


Double LP Gatefold
2 x 45 rmp vinyls

Side A
1. Night Bus (Jimi Sero, Sami Haxx)
2. Force My Hand (Sami Haxx)
3. Sugar Coated (Jack Rivera)

Side B
1. Wild Blood (Jimi Sero, Sami Haxx)
2. Shiva (Sami Haxx)
3. Danger In My Life (Jimi Sero, Sami Haxx)

Side C
1. Watching Darkness Come And Go (Sami Haxx)
2. You Two Faced You (Ace Mark)
3. Silver Suit Blues (Jimi Sero, Ace Mark)

Side D
1. Place In The Sun (Sami Haxx)
2. The Healer (Jimi sero, Sami Haxx)
3. House Of Pain (Jimi Sero, Sami Haxx)

National Nightmare
Sami Haxx – vocals, keys, harmonica
Jimi Sero – bass, Gtrs, vocals
Ace Mark – guitar, vocals
Teddy T. Rexx – Drums, Gtrs, Vocals

Sammy Dolina – Percussions
Jone Takamäki – Saxophone
Miikka Saarinen – Trumpet

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Dimensions 32 × 32 × 2 cm

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